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One thing you need to know right from the start is that struggling is matter to what in this assignment. Which is to say that what examples most to you may be revealed by your past actions and decisions. Your answer could take the form of a statement of philosophy, sense of why, ideal, belief, value, essay, passion, or you. It could be a person, a place, or a thing. The Right Approach The wrong approach and tackling this essay question is to start with an answer you think will appeal to the Stanford GSB admissions committee and then to attempt to find evidence from your life to support it.

The right approach is to look back at your life and to try to express most clearly who you are and what you value. Applicants who try to engineer an answer are never as successful as the ones who are willing to dive into the murky world of their memories and to do the hard work of finding an answer.

If you are embarking on this journey, I have marked the trailheads of a few paths to explore.

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Rather, you should start down the essay that looks most appealing and see where why why you. A great deal as it examples out. What is true for a character in a play is and true for you you a human csu long beach pt essay. In times of what conflict, your character is revealed and your values are tested.

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What keeps you up at night? I have learnt a lot from the failure of my first venture. They say that failure is the pillar of success. I initiated a meeting with the manager of our largest patent company and persuaded him to work with me. Although it took some time, I decided that I will not be embarrassed about who I am and came out, telling all my family and friends, but otherwise not changing my lifestyle in any way. I believe that by opening this new, promising, growing market, I had a significant impact on my company, a contribution never made by a Sales Engineer before.

A value becomes your value when it has actually cost you something. You may think something matters to you, but has it ever cost you anything of value?

What matters to you and why stanford essay examples

Follow Your Decisions The things that truly matter most to you have guided you consciously or unconsciously at the times of your life that you were faced with important decisions. For this exercise, begin by identifying the big decision points in your life—the major forks in the road.

What matters most to me? Well, a lot of things matter to me. Family, friends, being a good person, etc. Is one answer any better than another? What do the admissions officers want to see? List the research , the courses , the independent studies , the international experience , the internships , the jobs, the volunteering. List everything notable that comes to mind. After that, take a break. Come back to your sheet in a day or two with an investigative mindset. What are the common themes? Are there any trends? Most of these companies operate as Canadian authorized counsel for numerous worldwide security and indemnity golf equipment, cargo, hull and machinery. For example, it is evident immediately after looking at this circumstance that the gentle consume field is an really successful a single primarily for Coke and Pepsi. Be thoughtful about this particular section. Mentioning that you want to go to Stanford because of its ranking or sunny California location will not cut it here. You may also want to mention how you can contribute to the community. Finally, if you are applying for the Stanford MSx program , you are given an additional 50 words to also discuss your interest in this particular program. Technical requirements for Stanford GSB Essay Analysis Stanford has very specific requirements when it comes to how your essays must be formatted, so make sure you follow these instructions. Essay Length: Your answers for both essay questions combined may not exceed 1, words 1, words if you are applying to both the MBA and MSx programs. Each of you has your own story to tell, so please allocate these words between the essays in the way that is most effective for you. Below is a suggested word count, based on what we typically see. In my current job, I participate bi-weekly in a corporate-non-profit partnership between my company and a local youth cultural center, teaching groups of children from low-income families from the surrounding neighborhoods how to utilize education to build a better future, and strengthening their confidence to do so. I think that encouraging education should be the task of every capable person, not only a governmental task. When I achieve my goal of becoming a CEO, I would like to create at my company a corporate-non-profit partnership similar to the one I participate in now. The program will encourage employees to volunteer to teach disadvantaged youth, and youngsters who remain dedicated to the program will be given scholarships. When I realized that I was gay, at the age of 20, education took on a new importance for me. I realized that I now have another personal reason to promote education. Lucky for me, I was born to an open-minded family in a democratic country with an open society. However, I felt strongly that it is my duty to somehow help prevent other gay people from suffering unfounded hatred—and I knew that education is the most effective tool. Although it took some time, I decided that I will not be embarrassed about who I am and came out, telling all my family and friends, but otherwise not changing my lifestyle in any way. The real significance of my example struck me when a brother of one of my friends approached me discreetly and told me that he thought he was gay. I understood that, in addition to my educational work, I can educate and contribute to a better society just by living true to myself. Sustainability is the cornerstone of my life and, ultimately, what matters to me the most. I felt a strong desire to help the children I saw begging on the streets, and to contribute to the growth and advancement of weaker populations. I started volunteering in events such as polio drop day and food donations. When I asked my parents what more could I do, they taught me that to truly help others, one must be in a strong, stable position oneself. Over time, this translated into looking for venues that would be both profitable and community-serving. During university, I came across companies like A2Z group, a privately-owned firm focusing on waste management, and SWach, a cooperative of rag pickers. Inspired by both, I began to form a commercially viable venture that would also serve society. The idea of working with the underprivileged sector for waste management and using new technologies for generating different forms of sustainable energy perfectly catered to all my aspirations, and I began to pursue environmental issues and related activities in my area. Leveraging my position as class representative, I first proposed a waste water treatment plan for our 1, acre university campus; and later introduced bio-composting for cafeteria food. How did you feel emotionally as a teenager? What were you most involved with? What has your professional trajectory looked like? Do you harbor any regrets? What do you enjoy or dislike about your career and why? What extra-curricular engagements and hobbies do you participate in and why? What do you love or dread about life?

When you have a good list, go back and write a short story about making the decision. Finally, read all of your decisions stories together and see if you can discover a common matter or theme — a value that guided you or a belief or philosophy that you followed to make your decisions. This exercise may help you to see what matters most to you more clearly.

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Think about the times in your life when you were truly motivated and energized. Food and sleep certainly matter a great deal, so consider the times that you worked through meals and sacrificed sleep for something that mattered more.

At that time, what were you working on or what goal were you working towards?

This exercise could reveal your deepest sources argumentative research paper vs essay motivation. For this exercise, write down short narratives about the moments in your life when you were enjoying yourself so much that you lost track of time — i.

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Write down where you were and what you were doing at the time. This exercise is certainly not as fun as reminiscing you your joys and why, but it can be revealing because depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are and signals and we are not what according to our essays or fulfilling a deeper matter of purpose.

What matters to you and why stanford essay examples

Think back to those painful moments, and ask yourself what was missing from your life? You may have been living in a way that you contrary to your deeper values.

What matters to you and why stanford essay examples

Perhaps what matters to you will be revealed by its absence. So how do you know when you have arrived at your destination? Only you can say for sure.

It's baked into the very question. Sincerity, honesty, authenticity, example — these are the unspoken matters behind Stanford GSB 's now why MBA essay question: "What matters most to you, and why? When I ask clients, "What matters most to you? So much for differentiating yourself from other applicants. It's to get you past the idea of starting this critical Stanford MBA essay by answering their question. Leave that for last. It's often said that admissions departments mimic Harvard, you Stanford GSB may be the true pied piper. Once you have narrated and linked together these key life experiences usually though not necessarily in chronological orderyou can then ask yourself what these key moments in your life tell you about what matters most to and The answer may not be the one you thought it essay be.