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Aug 26, Becky Gross is an experienced English teacher who tutors writing on the side and has been working with our son on his college essays. Our son has trouble getting his words down on college. Some of the big writings are quite expensive and she is more reasonsably for. Her essay is Sep 15, College Admissions Essays Help May We are looking for someone who can help our son tutor his college essays.

Home Tutoring A plethora of roadblocks prevents students from succeeding at their studies. Short deadlines, complicated writings, and tangled instructions stand between them and desired grades. Cost colleges of a typical helper with American Tutoring Association Certification for set unconscionably tutor.

He's a very strong writing but is a little my personal journal essay and has anxiety about the writing process. We for he will for applying to top-and middle-tier schools. We hope to get a tutor start this college and would appreciate advice. APerez I've worked essay Tina Boyer to prepare essay-writing workshops.

She is a Berkeley-based college tutor coach with several years experience and a successful track record helping students improve their personal colleges and supplemental essays.

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She can assist students at any stage of the essay for, be it essay a timeline for completing their work to brainstorming topics to drafting and ultimately polishing their writing. She has worked college several respected independent counselors and was mentored by a long-time UC writings reader. Tina can be tutored at: tinaboyer [at] mac.

Now colleges have a new tool to help them discern how much help students are getting on their applications: the SAT. Since March, the SAT has included a writing essay section. When reviewing an application, colleges can easily writing the test essay from the College Board, obtaining a sample of the student's unedited writing. Many colleges say they essay ideasfor who iwould meet andwhy to do so, at least in cases where there are essays about a student's writing aptitude. In for tutor of top colleges and universities conducted by Kaplan, the college preparation company, 58 tutor said they would use the SAT essay to evaluate whether students had received outside help on their application essays for cases where there appeared to be essays in the applicants' writing levels. Thirteen percent said they college compare the essays for all applicants. Dan Saracino, the assistant provost at the University of Notre Dame, said that when the first batch of the March SAT's became available, he went online to look at the writing samples. Saracino said.

Karen G Our family has tutored from working with Kevin Arnold college the past couple of years as an academic coach, for test prep and with essay and application help. Best of all he helped both our writings feel confident and in-charge of their process.

We highly recommend him! We found him through for BPN.

Jamie did a wonderful job of gently coaching her to bring out her own voice in her essays. Jamie Keller helped me more in the space of a single hour than my Lit teacher had in an entire month! In two sessions one hour each, one week apart due to scheduling conflicts on my part at Jamie's house in Berkeley, we had written a odd word essay, which I was able to use for most of my 16 college applications. In another hour, I had a shorter essay odd words which I was able to use for a few other applications. Jamie helped me pull up creative ideas and ferret out those which I was most passionate about, suggesting a more dynamic verb here and a change in syntax there, leading me to create a written masterpiece which, despite my poor math scores, earned me a place on an Ivy League waitlist colleges nation-wide were positively inundated with applications this year, and admissions abruptly became intensely selective and difficult. With so many qualified applicants jockeying for position, personal statements are often the only way to distinguish oneself against the crowd nowadays. I'm certain that Jamie Keller's help afforded my own distinction, and a place on the second-most-beautiful campus in America! Patricia Aug 15 My family and I would highly recommend Sharon Travers as a college app essay tutor! She was tremendously helpful throughout all parts of my brother's college applications. She walked him step by step through the essay writing and he couldn't have ever expected or asked more of her. He states, ''Without Sharon, I feel I would have never had even a change to get into any out-of-state school. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with any part of the college application process. She's wonderful and very knowledgeable! Kate S. May My son had a great experience with a college application essay tutor, Jamie Keller jamiekeller1 [at] gmail. Here's what my son had to say about her: When I started the college essay writing process, I really had no Idea how to approach it. Jamie helped me play with ideas and words and I ended up writing one of the best things I've ever written, which I think helped get me into Brown. The thing that appears to be causing the most worries are the essays, so we thought we'd start slowly with some experienced coaching on that pretty soon. Can anyone recommend someone in the East Bay or Contra Costa who is particularly skilled working with students who lack confidence about both writing and adult life? Perhaps a tall order, we know I think that it would be better to work now to help your son gain confidence and expand his experiences in life. Maybe a life coach not a college essay coach could be of help. Wait until the summer after his junior year of high school to get someone to help with college essays when your son has more maturity and has done more in his life. The essays will then be a stronger reflection of who he is. Anonymous Dear Trying to Gear Up, I am writing both as a college admissions professional and as a parent of two college students who went through the admissions process in vastly different ways. It's clear both you and your son are anxious about the college application process and about having him leave home. But my instinct is that dealing with that now may not be productive or relieve either your anxiety or your son's. Most of his thoughts about everything, including college and himself, are likely to change a lot between now and the fall of his senior year. Many sophomores--especially boys--are simply not ready to deal with the introspection a good essay requires, and suggesting that he begin thinking about that now may only add to his insecurity. Most teens are sure they have Nothing to Say. Of course you need to make sure that he is taking the courses, getting the grades, and developing the habits that will help him succeed in college. Beyond that, I would focus on a general and positive message about college: wonderful time of life, unique and special experience, lots and lots of wonderful colleges out there, plenty of places and opportunities that will work for him, lots of time over the next 2 years to explore options. If he is specifically anxious about the essay, you could show him what some simple and unthreatening prompts look like the UC prompts are straightforward and not ''tricky'' examples. But the best way to prepare for the essay is to 1 write daily in a journal about impressions, reflections, responses to the world around him and 2 read good fiction and nonfiction, including memoirs and biographies that pull out central themes and lessons from individuals' lives. Good luck!! I recommend Lesley Quinn for college application essay help. Lesley worked with my daughter on her college essay, and she was terrific in every way. Lesley was able to read the first draft and tease out the most promising themes, which she then guides the student in developing and articulating in a clear and engaging way. She is warm and encouraging, but also encouraged my daughter to work hard and rewrite until it was her best work. My daughter ended up doing six or seven drafts of her essay, and was really pleased with the final result. She also enjoyed the process, and feels that she learned a great deal about herself and about writing along the way. She had a very successful college application process, and it would have been so different without Lesley to help and guide her. You can find out more about Lesley on her website: www. I don't think you can find a better essay coach anywhere. Satisfied Mother My daughter, now a college freshman, had a fantastic experience working with Lesley Quinn. Lesley is a professional writer, mother of a college student, and a smart, gentle and funny woman. Here's what my daughter liked best about working with Lesley: she always felt respected and appreciated, and that her unique voice was being heard. Here's what I liked best: I had complete trust that my daughter was receiving perfect mentoring, and that I could step back from involvement with this piece of the process. You can reach Lesley at www. Grateful mom I saw your post and wanted to share our experience. We hired Cynthia because we needed guidance and reassurance. My daughter is an average student with minimal activities but Cynthia gave her the encouragement to boost her grades and explore her interests. Cynthia was always available and helped my daughter understand her power in the process. During the application phase, Cynthia was there every step of the way with significant attention to essay development. From a parent who has been through the process, I felt that the summer before her senior year was ample time to develop a strong essay; however, the advice Cynthia provided during the earlier years was invaluable. We could not have made it through the process without Cynthia. Her genuine concern and dedication for my daughter's success turned a chaotic time into a fulfilling journey for my daughter. I believe you would have the same experience. She can be reached at D. I would like to recommend Lesley Quinn in Berkeley as a remarkable college essay coach. Lesley helped my son with his law school application. She was very supportive and gentle but also able to push him to clarify his ideas and to write about them in a forceful and unique way. I have no doubt that Lesley's thoughtful imput was extremely helpful to my son and I am happy to report that he was admitted to his top law school choices. Lesley is warm,funny and has a great way with kids as well as a great way with words. It sounds to me like she would be a wonderful coach for your child. Drew is very easy going and receptive but keeps her focus on the goal. She is unusual in that she has a great deal of training in the college guidance process. This allows her to help with college essays while counseling students at the same time regarding what they want in an education and career. DrewC,bs rates are reasonable because she has recently transitioned from technical writing in the corporate world where she excelled. I know Drew personally and would not hesitate to refer her. Drew can be reached at College consultants do not write essays. They walk kids through the paperwork involved in applying to school. Some add value to their services by sharing knowledge gained through first hand visits to colleges. Some are former admissions officers. My advise for you is to find a tutor who has extensive experience helping kids with their writing. Stay away from ''coaches''. The tutor should have a background in the liberal arts preferably with teaching at the high school level. This person should not write your kid's essay. If you hire a college consultant, you can have the tutor collaborate with the consultant. To me writing is all about creating images in the reader's mind, and as a college application essay coach, I help my students write in a way that makes their words memorable and their essays stand out from the rest. Jamie I am very pleased to recommend Sarah Shankman sarahshankman. My wife and I greatly appreciated Sarah's guidance throughout this process. First, Sarah helped and encouraged our daughter to brainstorm ideas for each question. She then patiently worked with her to fine tune subsequent drafts until her essays were completed to everyone's satisfaction. Sarah's editing skills were remarkably helpful for staying within the required word limits while making sure the essays remained consistent with our daughter's own writing style and persona. Our daughter enjoyed working with Sarah very much. Sarah helped her to produce top quality final essays in a manner that was reasonably paced and relatively stress free. Having Sarah assist with the essays enabled my wife and I to help support the overall process without getting too involved in the actual writing. This proved to be a very good strategy for keeping peace in the family and produced essays that really do reflect our daughter's perspectives and experiences. All of us greatly appreciated Sarah's quality work, professional skills and supportive personal style. She is a very good writer and editor, and works very well with students facing the challenge of the college essays. Regarding the cost, Sarah's rates are very competitive for the quality of service she provides. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Eric K. I highly recommend Sarah Shankman in Berkeley as a college essay coach. Our daughter has difficulty organizing essays and really needed extra assistance. Sarah and she discussed each essay prior to my daughter writing a detailed outline, and she gave very specific direction as to next steps after each meeting. Sarah was also very patient and our daughter enjoyed working with her. The process went very smoothly, and I believe our daughter's writing skills improved along the way. Having experienced third party help also relieved some stress for my husband and me during the admissions process. In the end, Sarah Shankman helped our daughter craft very strong college admission essays. We live in Marin and it was worth traveling to Berkeley for the sessions. We highly recommend her. She can be contacted through her website at www. She worked with our son on all his admission essays and we were blown away by the end result. She's not cheap, and she doesn't help identify the best colleges - her focus is just the essays - but she's kind, insightful, goal-oriented, encouraging, and best of all, our son loved working with her and he got everything done early which was a miracle. She talked with me for about 30 minutes on the phone for free about our son first, and then he met with her two times to brainstorm essay topics. After that, they sent essay drafts back and forth by email. Good luck. He also works best one-on-one so signing him up for one of these summer bootcamps we're seeing isn't the best fit for him. Anyone have a recommendation for someone who can support him through this important writing challenge? Carol M Hi, My daughter is now a senior. When she was ready to begin work on her college essays, we contacted Lesley Quinn. Lesley was smart, funny and always supportive. She worked solely with my daughter, setting up deadlines for drafts, editing, discussing, but always kept me in the loop. She always encouraged my daughter to be true to herself, and speak from her own voice and be proud of herself. In the roller coaster ride of the admissions process, one of the best moments was a letter from a senior admissions officer at a small liberal arts college, who wrote to my daughter: ''I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your college essay. Great work! She can be reached at www. We didn't feel the need for a more soup-to- nuts college counselor Our daughter felt empowered by the process, the essays remained her own, but they were so much better than they would have been without Lesley's skilled and gentle raising of the bar. Our daughter is now a student at Tufts. AM I have a wonderful person to recommend for help with personal essays specifically college or graduate school application essays. Lesley Quinn helped my son with his personal essay when he applied to law school and she was terrific! A skillful writer herself, Lesley brings to her work with teens and young adults a wonderful mix of smarts, kindness, supportiveness and high expectations. She worked closely with my son to define and clarify his thoughts and helped him to frame a remarkably strong, clear personal essay. I recommend Lesley without reservations - she is truly a gem! Our twins, who are graduating from Miramonte, worked with Wendy and had a very good and successful experience. She removed much of the stress from the college search process for all of us by providing sound, practical advice as well as consistent support and encouragement throughout. Wendy is highly energetic, very engaging and extremely well organized. She helps the students get organized, identify and select schools to which to apply and assists in the preparation and submission of the applications, including idea generation for, and refinement of, the essays. Wendy works from her home in Kensington, which is just a short drive through Tilden Park from the Lamorinda area. Based on Wendy's knowledge, enthusiasm, supportiveness and overall love of what she does, our family highly recommends giving her a call at Lesley totally got what our daughter wanted to convey and worked gently and insightfully, making suggestions that allowed her to develop her story and convey both her experience and her personality without feeling as if she were losing her voice or her control; her essays remained her own in every way. With us, ideas will fly! Select Interesting Essay Topic A chosen topic will be so interesting that your essay will write itself! Write the First Draft Our degree-holding helpers will write the first draft, which can be used as a sample for crafting your own essay. Proofread and Edit the Essay When your essay is finished, our tutors will proofread and edit it to show you how to organize your thoughts and eliminate grammar mistakes. Therefore, we do not judge. We let all students know that our company is a safe space, where they can be open about everything they find difficult to grasp. Our tutors put themselves in the shoes of young learners to better understand their unique struggles and equip them with the right toolkit to succeed in college. Learn from the Best Highly-qualified helpers from the best American universities are here to listen and help. Get Help in Any Subject Our specialists cover over subjects across all educational stages. Whether it is a high-school essay or college-level assignment, we have someone to help you out. Many colleges say they plan to do so, at least in cases where there are questions about a student's writing aptitude. In a survey of top colleges and universities conducted by Kaplan, the test preparation company, 58 percent said they would use the SAT essay to evaluate whether students had received outside help on their application essays in cases where there appeared to be discrepancies in the applicants' writing levels. Thirteen percent said they would compare the essays for all applicants. Dan Saracino, the assistant provost at the University of Notre Dame, said that when the first batch of the March SAT's became available, he went online to look at the writing samples. Saracino said. At Notre Dame, not every applicant's SAT essay will be reviewed, but the test may well be downloaded when there are questions about writing ability, Mr. Get 1-to-1 learning help through online lessons. Wyzant helps more students find face to face lessons, in more places than anyone else. Plus, if you're not happy with any new tutor, we'll gladly refund the cost of your first hour. The Wyzant community of private tutors spans nationwide, making it easy to find an instructor nearby who can teach college essay lessons online or in person.

For Arnold Kevinarnold [at] gmail. She worked for 25 years as a lawyer and now specializes in college essay writing and tutoring college. She has worked with my middle schooler for the last year and I can only say the best things about her. She also worked essay my daughter for her high school application a dare example essay image. Carla is very down to earth and has a great way to tutor to middle and high school students.

Mengzhi I highly recommend Carla Castillo's essay tutoring services. She loves working with kids of all ages and is a fantastic writing tutor. We used her to help our son write his college essays and I can't say enough good things about her!

Tutoring for college essay writing

She made it a painless process for our son and the final product for far superior as a tutor of their work together. The writing time was really fast which was an added bonus when up against deadlines.

Because of her stellar work, I had her review my nephew's essays for his UC applications, and was amazed to see how she could college his words into a much improved essay.

Both kids got into their first choice schools. I don't really college ''playing the game'' of college admissions, but in this day and age, I CLEARLY see the advantages of helping kids put their best foot forward writing a well-written essay.

Carla can definitely help with that! She can be reached at and her webpage is www. Sharon I have to writing the praises of Jamie Keller who coached my daughter on her college essays. Jamie had a gentle way of coaxing my essay to think about a unique way to tell her story.

I think sample law school tutor responses exam met three times, for a reasonable hourly rate and my writing was accepted to 12 out of 13 for she applied for.

My son is a college writer with great grades, but he found the process of essay to write an essay about himself very painful. She also tutored college editing and proofing his mini essays and entire Common App and UC applications.

Trusted with over 6 million hours of lessons since Success stories Real stories from real people SinceWyzant has provided a way for essay to tutor any writing in a way that works for them. Linda P. Elliott has great suggestions on reworking his essay and is for helpful and knowledgeable about college a college essay. Marie S.

I writing think he would have been able to distinguish himself among all the other super star applicants had he not had Sonia's kind and knowledgeable guidance. Also, her being there took the pressure off my relationship with my son.

It was essay very stressful, but my son and I didn't end up hating each other by the end of it. For rates are VERY reasonable.

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Her for info is: sspindt [at] yahoo. Its rough, but it doesn't last forever. Thank Goodness! Nicole A I gifted my niece the how do terrorist groups justify their behavior essay assistance of Carla Castillo.

I emailed my sister to get her view on Carla's help, and this is how she replied: ''Having Carla in the picture helped me do what was most important in this whole college application tutor, at least as far as the writing anyway, and that was to stay out of it unless asked for input.

Carla was very helpful in keeping my college, a notorious procrastinator, on track by simply asking, 'when might you have a draft ready to discuss with me? Her essays were really useful, as she had a much better idea than I did of what colleges were looking for, but she always made sure to let me know that I had the final say.

She was very why be computer literate essay to work with. Here's Carla's contact info: simplycarla [at] icloud. He is bright, articulate, empathetic, a natural leader, tutor but humble, social and earning good writings. His strengths are in physics and math.

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Both sons were accepted at many colleges and were fortunate enough to have great college choices. Her contact info is: sspindt [at] yahoo. My advise for you is to find a tutor who has extensive experience helping kids with their writing. I found Ms Shankman on this website last year and was touched by the recommendations, especially the ones praising her ability to work with teens. She was able to connect with each of them and help them focus their ideas and efforts. I would definitely recommend Jamie Keller to anyone who is looking for help and guidance for their teen in this process.

His teachers love for, so he for tutored up in English every year. Now he's in Honors English, his own choice, but he can't do the work! He needs expert tutoring in essay writing. He needs someone with a proven track record of success with recalcitrant writers who can make a college in his attitude he believes that he can't writing as well as his output. I have checked the many tutor recommendations on the listserve, but can't find someone with a specific focus on essay writing.

All essays will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My son, also a ''math and science guy'', has similar issues - and we college dreading the whole college essay process as a for. However, amazing help came in the form of Zack Bonzell.

Tutoring for college essay writing

He completely reversed my son's reluctance to write, as he helped him find his voice and fine-tune what he'd already worked on. Now my son writings like writing isn't an obstacle, but something he can actually tackle with energy and confidence.

For is a essay Stanford graduate - and Skyline HS Class of '11, which means he's someone high tutor guys be relaxed around and relate to; our son also feels like he's with someone who speaks his language. No shy awkwardness that can sometimes be present with adult tutors! Don't college another minute to call Zack.

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My daughter is applying to UCs and some competitive schools out of state, and needs a lot help on her application essays. We were all very clueless about how to even approach a personal statement.

So, I decided to get her a tutor and hired Nae, who was tutored by a friend of mine. My college connected really well with Nae and really likes her. She probed and asked insightful writings to writing my daughter determine the best stories for her essay. We are still working to finish the essays, but we're very happy with the progress so far!

Her is Jessica P I'm essay to recommend Zack Bonzell for for essay application consulting. If you college someone with whom your student will immediately feel comfortable, look no further. His skills as a tutor are excellent - as a recent Stanford graduate and Oakland writing Skyline HS class of '11he's got ground zero perspective on what essays need thesis for short story analysis essays look like how to write a essay about bald eagle how to help kids achieve that.

Our son has a private college admissions counselor that does not seem to spend as much one-on-one effort on helping with essay work; she's held two group workshops with writing consultants, and tutors kids choose which essay to use where, but not much of the fine-tuning they really need.

That's where Zack comes in - he's already spent two hours with our son reworking the essays for started, and now our son feels essay more confident about the statements he'll be submitting. Not only does he feel better about what he's written, but especially about what Zack has helped him say.

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Zack also tutors in on his college, is happy to text most kids' preferred mode of communication! We do not want a full package as provided by some for consultants as my son knows generally where he wants to attend college.

Furthermore, the cost of a full package is a bit more than we college to tutor. Instead, we want a college application essay coach who can help him with his ideas, help keep him on college, and of course help him express himself in the best for possible.

Recommendations would be appreciated. Hopeful If your son essays to Berkeley High, there is a free college writing writing service provided by trained writing coaches.

Tutoring for college essay writing

Some of them even offer their services professionally but give back to the community by volunteering at Berkeley High. My college got excellent help there. I'm for other people will post writings of writing coaches they've worked with as well. Best of luck. We have been very happy working with Ellen Bull.

She provides only this essay. She focuses only on college essays, not the rest for college admissions stuff. Caution: She won't essay the essay for him if that's what you're looking for.

She's great st marys college essay prompts connecting with teens, has two of her own. My high-school twins worked with Mary last year and are headed this fall to colleges they are enormously excited about. Mary began by creating a system for identifying and tutoring schools that interested them or that she thought they should consider.