How Long Should My Essay Be For Occupational Therapy Grad School

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Do have four to five people read and proofread the final draft of your statement. This can help spark ideas and ensure your application is completely free of typos. Do keep the length to pages max. You want it to be short and sweet.

Applying to OT School – Gotta Be OT

If any sentence looks unnecessary after you do a final read-through, get rid of it. As a general rule, personal statements run on average words.

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What happens if I am placed on the waiting list? We offer information sessions and tours throughout the year to help answer your questions. GRE scores within the past five years are considered current.

Drawing connections between your previous experiences and your desire to attend OT school shows strong self-reflection, writing and critical thinking skills and will help you stand out. While the majority of your essay should focus on your past experiences and your present motivation for pursuing a degree in occupational therapy, it is important that you write a few sentences or a short paragraph with an eye towards the future.

As an OT, what do you hope to do? Provide better care for the aging population? Increase public awareness of the profession as a practitioner and advocate?

Standard Essay Use your own words to create a personal essay that responds to the question below. Your personal essay should address why you selected OT as a career and how an Occupational Therapy degree relates to your immediate and long term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you to achieve your goals.

Do NOT make your essay program specific as the same essay will be sent to each program that you applied to. Technical Requirements You are encouraged to compose your essay in a text-only word processor e. Lab is optional Physics, Kinesiology or Biomechanics.

When do classes begin? Courses that are retaken will be calculated using the higher grade. How long is the program? Why do you want to study and practice occupational therapy versus physical therapy, recreation therapy or medicine? Avoid going into detail about your dislikes, negative views, or problems in your life. Consider what it is that you want to do with your degree and let your readers know what your goals are and that you plan to make a difference in the future as a graduate of their program. Based upon successful completion of all the degree requirements i. No, observation hours should be complete at the time of application submission. The program is scheduled to move into the candidacy phase in April of

OTCAS requires that all letters of recommendation be completed online. If your recommender does not want to complete the recommendation online, we suggest you find another recommender.

Please do not use the recommendation forms found on the university's webpage; they are not accepted by OTCAS or the department. Can I submit more than the three required letters of recommendation?

How long should my essay be for occupational therapy grad school

Yes, you may include more therapies of recommendation but no more than a total of five. For is the prompt and length requirement for the personal statement? Your essay should be occupational words. The OTCAS website long is as follows: "your Personal Essay should grad why you selected occupational therapy as a career and how this degree essays to your immediate and long-term professional goals.

Describe how how personal, educational, and professional school help you achieve your goals. This essay is an important part of your application and allows you to clearly and effectively express yourself. Do not personalize this essay for a particular program, as it is shared with all your programs.

Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Examples |

Eastern Standard Time. What if my test scores transcript, letters, etc.

How long should my essay be for occupational therapy grad school

OTCAS will continue to accept items e. After the two-week timeframe, applications that are still missing items will be considered "late" or "incomplete" and will not be reviewed.

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The minimum GPA required is 3.