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Broadcast your social media on any large display to bring
the social experience to life.



For Events

Turn your attendees into rockstars with social media.  Showcase real-time social media posts on the big screen and turn your fans into the stars of the show.

For Business

Make Your Lobby A Social Destination. Showcase your digital and social campaigns on a social wall in key locations around the office. It keeps your executives and employees informed while creating a social work of art.

For Retail

Highlight your favorite social content in your store and watch as your customers start to follow you on social media.


Simple and fast setup

Getting Mosaic XL going is very easy. Open a web browser on any Mac/Laptop/PC and connect it to an external screen and your Mosaic XL starts running immediately.

Unlimited Design Customizations

With Mosaic XL you can create a completely original mosaic or make simple changes to our beautiful templates to create the perfect board that matches your brand.


Increase Value for Sponsors

Entice sponsors by integrating them into your conference’s social media experience:

  • Highlight sponsor and vendor logos on social media displays with customizable interstitials.
  • Let sponsors buy the naming/branding rights of your social hub and social media displays.
  • Create attribution links to social content on your hub to point to sponsor products.


Social Mosaic is a Full-service company

We are a full-service media company. Like what we do, but don’t have the display screens? We can bring the screens to you! Social Mosaic screen rentals and installations are available in select cities. We provide all the hardware you need for your event or business. Give us a call to find out more about our service areas. In addition, we also staff events, and provide on-site support.

Grow the relationships that build Business.
Social Relationship Management