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NALIP Uses Social Mosaic to Connect in Breakout Sessions During Summit


The National Association of Latino Independent Producers is a 15 years old organization that advocates and helps advance skills for Latino content creators. Their goals are to discover new talent and promote those in the Latino community who create films, TV segments, digital content and documentaries.

The Challenge

NALIP wanted to connect with visitors and new talent through social media as well as promote and distribute the work of the Latino Producers at the summit. Their goal was to reach out and connect to attendees of the summit as well as the entire Latino content creating the community. By interacting on social media, the Association can discover and advance the talent.





Increase in booth visits

Social Mosaic Solution


Through the Social Mosaic interface and a customized hashtag, attendees could connect to the Summit at any time during the events.


During studio breakout sessions, attendees could ask questions via Twitter using #WeMoveYouForward.


These questions were then displayed on a giant screen for other attendees to see as the moderators discussed the answers.

The Results

The use of Social Mosaic helped the Summit transcend the audience and brought the information online for the entire community. The use of Twitter in the breakout sessions for Q and A increased both on and offline participation in attendees. NALIP also saw and increased engagement in the Summit social media presence as well as help promoted the work of their Latino Producers.

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