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What social networks does Social Mosaic support?

Currently we provide: Twitter and Instagram

What type of social content does Social Mosaic support?

Twitter: Images

Instagram: Images

Instagram: Video

How long are your contracts ?

Social Mosaic plans are month-to-month or annual. If you decide to jump on one of our annual plans, you get a 20% discount!


Can i switch plans ?

Yes, at your leisure, within your Social Mosaic account. When you upgrade or downgrade your plan, you will receive either a pro-rated charge depending on the cost of the new plan you choose.


What are my payment options ?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Invoices are considered for payments larger than $3,500

How much does it cost?

Our service plans start at $99.00/mo. To request a price sheet, please contact us.


How do I sign up?

You can start with our unrestricted 7-day premium trial of our product. We don’t collect your credit card until you’re confident Social Mosaic is right for you. When you’re ready to upgrade to our paid plans, all you need to do is select the plan you desire in the control panel.

Do I get a break if I refer customers?

Oh yeah! Contact us for more information on our affiliate program.

How long does it take to get going?

Creating your account only takes a couple hours to setup.

Do I need a website to use social Mosaic?

No, even though we recommend a website solution to display the social mosaic online; your social mosaic can be displayed on TV’s, jumbo screens, mobile devices and more!


If I purchased several months in advance do I get a discount?

We offer annual discounts that give you 2 months free.

How many moderators can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of moderators.


Who does the moderating of the social content?

You do all moderation of content. If you need help moderating, we can help!

Does social mosaic platform filter inappropriate words?

Yes, in the moderation section of your account you may set word filters.

If I'm showing the social mosaic on big screens or projections does it play uploaded videos?

No, only images appear on big screens of projections.

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