Powering social media event experiences.


Social experiences work, It lets brands show people not just what they are- But who they are. Because when people can see your brand’s human side, they connect with it more deeply. Social Mosaic Produces experiences that work. 

Recommended Event Bundle

Display user-generated content and capture authentic on-site moments at live events.

Mosaic XL

Highlight social media on any large display to bring the social experience to life.


Use Branded photos to achieve more engagement, leads, and loyal fans.

Mosaic Hub

Favorite and select the best visual content contributed by your fans via social media hashtags right to your website.

Mobile Apps

Engage with attendees via your own mobile app.

Social Mosaic is a Full-service company

We are a full-service media company. Like what we do, but don’t have the display screens? We can bring the screens to you! Social Mosaic screen rentals and installations are available in select cities. We provide all the hardware you need for your event or business. Give us a call to find out more about our service areas. In addition, we also staff events, and provide on-site support.

Grow the relationships that build Business.
Social Relationship Management