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Connecting the relationship between a brand and their fans.


From entrepreneurs to marketers and agencies, Social Mosaic began from the idea that any brand wanting to use professional social media tools to build relationships that improve business can at an affordable cost.


We strive to create compelling, empowering and unique social experiences.

At Social Mosaic it is our goal to create intuitive technology that allows brands to strengthen and build new and existing relationships through social media. With our technology brands can create compelling and unique social experiences that drive engagement and increase revenue.


To foster intuitive technology that enables brands to build relationships that drive engagement and increase revenue.

It is our goal to captivate and thrill consumers when they interact and encounter with brands online. As most brands know, this is easier said than done. We anticipate new trends and proactively innovate so you won’t miss a beat. We see beyond the numbers and insights to keep your campaign informed, inspire your brand, and elevate your business.


All our offices are designed to reflect our creativity and desire to think different. We welcome you into our social house!

Grow the relationships that build Business.
Social Relationship Management