Build a buzz that never stops

Because the party never stops

Everyone knows social media goes with us everywhere, even on the dance floor. Build heat in and out of the party, as patrons post their photos all over Facebook and twitter. Your party never looked so good! The buzz begins at the bar, and continues long after the night is done. Social Mosaic creates excitement that never stops. It’s your never-ending party!


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Tell your story your way & Capture the excitement

Promote your event #hashtag and watch the excitement spread as partygoers see themselves on your display screens. Social Mosaic will gather and store the photos— making sure no great image is forgotten. You will walk away with a library full of exhilarating moments.

Keep the Conversation going

It doesn’t have to stop at the party. Broadcast the concert live across multiple networks. Use Social Mosaic on your website at the time of the event to interact with people who aren’t able to attend. Share your thoughts and keep the fun flowing as the party rolls on. Social Mosaic keeps the conversation going, before and after your party.

We’ve got you covered

We are social media experts, ready to get you up to speed. Let us help you pick your #hashtag and promote it with custom graphics. We’ve done many events and can offer expert advice to help make your party go off without a hitch.

Incentivize Engagement

A little incentive goes a long way. Acknowledge and reward event participants for talking about your event on social networks, and boost your event’s social reach.

Branded Mobile Apps

Give partygoers what they expect – access to your night club in the palm of their hand. We develop mobile event apps that capture your brand, the shared community, the excitement, and the conversation surrounding your party.

Social Mosaic is a Full-service company

We are a full-service media company. Like what we do, but don’t have the display screens? We can bring the screens to you! Social Mosaic screen rentals and installations are available in select cities. We provide all the hardware you need for your event or business. Give us a call to find out more about our service areas. In addition, we also staff events, and provide on-site support.



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