The Response Expo is presented by the Direct Response Marketing Alliance and Response Magazine, a leading publisher of marketing and advertising news. The expo offers educational sessions, networking events, a floor expo and a golf tournament, for advertising and marketing executives and agencies.


To engage Expo visitors in real-time conversations through the world of social media while integrating all ofthe events and park resources, including the Jumbotron. The Response Expo team also wanted to highlight the event sponsors through the displays and social media.

Social Mosaic Solution


A customized hashtag was created for the Expo so that guests could connect to the Social Mosaic platform


The Social Mosaic team designed an interface that was able to take advantage of all of Petco Park’s displays, including the Jumbotron.

The Results

By integrating the Response Expo with Social Mosaic, the Expo saw an increase in visitor engagement across all social media networks. User engagement went through the roof as guests realized that their pictures, posts, and tweets could be seen on displays throughout the event by using the customized hashtag. By drawing attention to the Social Mosaic displays, the Expo was also able to put their sponsor logos front and center. Overall, Social Mosaic allowed visitors to connect and engage with the Response Expo through the world of social media.





Increase in booth visits

Grow the relationships that build Business.
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