Your Story told by those who know you best

Your friends and family tell your story

Your friends and family watched your relationship grow on social media, as you shared and posted each special moment. They remember when your Facebook status changed from single to “in a relationship.” They cheered when you changed your Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “engaged.” Now, it’s their turn to add their experiences to your story. Today is the day, your friends and family tell the story of your wedding; let them share it!


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Don’t throw away moments

Wedding photographers are great for the classic wedding shots. But your friends and family will get the close-ups that tell the full story. Remember in the 90’s when everyone put disposable cameras on all the tables? It’s likely that more half of those pictures never got developed. Well, today, you can give your friends a #hashtag and they will capture all the moments instantly.


Capture and keep the best of memories forever

No one knows you like your friends and family. Let them help you tell your social story that will last forever. Social Mosaic will gather and store every picture from your wedding—making sure no great image is forgotten. You will walk away with a library full of wonderful moments captured. This is a day that you will never forget, thanks to the pictures your friends and family will take. This is your day, turn into- forever.


Wedding website integration

Your website doesn’t need to end when everyone gets to the wedding. Turn your wedding website into a live collection of mosaics with your social media photos and videos streamed live where all your guests can see the pictures from your big day.


We’ll help tell
your story

The story of your wedding becomes part of how it is remembered. So telling it right, matters. Our social media gurus can help curate content, and pick the best media to help you remember your night. Because your story of your wedding is one of the most important stories you will tell.


We’ll help you get
the word out

We are social media experts, ready to get you up to speed. Let us help you pick your #hashtag and promote it with custom graphics. We’ve done many weddings and can offer expert advice to help make your special day go just right.

Social Mosaic is a Full-service company

We are a full-service media company. Like what we do, but don’t have the display screens? We can bring the screens to you! Social Mosaic screen rentals and installations are available in select cities. We provide all the hardware you need for your event or business. Give us a call to find out more about our service areas. In addition, we also staff events, and provide on-site support.



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